Saturday, May 25, 2013

As sexy as I wanna be

I probably shouldn't start my first post in awhile by ranting, but fuck it. The whole point of this post is my impatience with censorship and prudishness, so taming my thoughts in said post would be a bit ridiculous. I'm trying to understand why such a flush of rage swept over me when I received a notice that Pinterest had removed one of my pins for "nudity". The pin in question is of a partially shirtless man with his finger hooked in his belt loop to pull down one side of his jeans to show his nicely defined hip flexor and some hair. GASP! No breast. No penis. No vagina. No buttocks.

I asked Pinterest to clarify their policy and they sent me an incredibly self-righteous generic note about how people look at their site around their families and at work, so they don't allow nudity. I pointed out that they had not answered the fucking question (I left out the f-bomb) and where exactly was the nudity? No reply. I don't know why this makes me so angry or why I feel so judgmental about all the Miss Prisses out there, but I just want to moon and yell a big FUCK YOU to all those uptight preachy people I've run into over the years.

Actually, I do know why. I've belonged to a zumba studio for the last few years and will start teaching a class in two weeks. Zumba is sexy. That's part of why people like it: it gets us back in touch with our inner 20 year olds, before parenting and full-time careers and the never-ending banality of daily life left us tired, old and fat. We've built a wonderful community at our studio and call each other our "zumba family."

Last week, a woman came to the studio for her second class and insisted that we keep all the doors closed (it was 30 degrees Celsius) and shut the curtains, because her religion doesn't allow men to see her. So the whole zumba "family," including at least two pregnant ladies, sweltered through the workout because Miss Priss wants to gyrate and writhe around in public, but only if no men can see her. What.the.fuck. I should note the studio is co-ed. Does this mean if a guy comes in we'll have to kick him out? Why does one person get to come into an established group and insist everything be rearranged to suit her, no matter how uncomfortable and in the case of the pregnant ladies, downright unsafe, it makes everyone else?

Usually I'm a more the merrier person who tries hard to be respectful and inclusive of everyone. Apparently I have a limit and this is it. I'm not a fan of strip clubs, so I don't go to them. It never occurred to me to go in and tell everyone to put their clothes back on and stop hooting and hollering because it made me uncomfortable.

And a partially shirtless man is NOT "nude". UGH.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Still not dead

OMG! Allie from Hyperbole and a Half is back! I'm ridiculously excited - she is hands-down my favourite blogger ever.

Also, I'm not dead.* Just crazy busy and when it's 1:00AM and I have to be up in five hours, somehow I keep making the wild decision to sleep instead of doing blog stuff. After I write my fitness exam on May 24, things should lighten up a bit. Fingers crossed.

*I really should stop saying this, because I'm sure there's some poor blogger out there who has died and my jokes about it are in incredibly poor taste. Then again, I've said far more controversial things on this blog, so I suppose there's no point in worrying about this one.