Saturday, June 22, 2013

A proud member of the snitch club

So I stupidly ventured onto Yahoo's general comment boards, forgetting the degree to which these types of online forums attract cretins and bigots. I was still shocked when a commenter posted the following about a 7 year old disabled child whose class picture was retaken to include him with the group:

"What a joke. What is next? The same kid fails a subject and they pass him anyways because "it may be wrong"? Get a clue world. This kid is now going to use his "situation" to get everything in life. My hope? Life stops for him and no more freebies."

Of course no name, because people who write things like this aren't usually known for courage in publicly standing by their words.

Usually I just roll my eyes at the stupider members of our societies, but musing about your hope that a little boy dies was far enough outside Yahoo's comment guidelines and normal human morality that I reported his comment to Yahoo's customer care centre. This was the response thread that followed:

"Ted Owens: I hope life stops for you Azara, just for the sake of saying it, report me as well

NordicOrchard: LOL just wonder what happens now to the guy she "reported"? Will life stop for him? Will he be prosecuted, sued, jailed, fined? What exactly? Oh BTW to what authority did she "report" him? To FBI? To Obama? My #$%$ God, some people are so full of S**t nowadays it's hilarious! LOL

Original poster: She tried to "report" me to the thought and freedom of speech police, I guess they were on lunch when she contacted them.

NordicOrchard: LOL are we that close to Orwell's 1984? Just wonder what is the official title of this thought police... Do they accomodate every snitch online or one needs to be a member of the "snitch club"? Anyways, I had a good laugh! keep me posted LOL

Me:  No problem, Ted. Done. If you can't converse in a civilized manner, keep your mouth shut."
And now that we're on my personal blog, not a public moderated forum: Kiss my ass, fuckers. You suggest a little boy should die on an online news comment board, I report you. You want freedom of speech, use a different forum (like say, a blog, dumbass). If an online space sets rules for its community's maturity level of discourse, you follow them or you get out. Period.